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Who Is David Reecher?

With more than 25 years of experience in direct marketing and more than 20 years in real estate, David Reecher specializes in selling luxury real estate quickly and for the highest price possible.

Voted in as a top agent in Maryland,
read the full article here.

As An Expert In Target Marketing, David Reecher Excels
At Creating Demand For The Properties He Sells!

Selling quickly and for the most money possible should be the #1 goal for anyone
selling a house, but especially those selling a luxury priced house.

Since 2005, while working with Auction Company of America, I have been involved with the sales and marketing of many luxury properties through their luxury auction platform. The successful ingredients to sell any luxury house, regardless if you are holding a luxury auction for it or not, is in the use of target marketing to the most opportune buyer(s) in order to create demand for that particular property. Creating demand by increasing the number of potential buyers is exactly how you sell a luxury house quickly and for top value. The majority of the luxury houses sold through the auction platform actually sold prior to the auction ever taking place. The only way that can happen is by creating and deploying strong target marketing campaigns to create demand prior to the auction: And, 60% - 80 % of the people who bought these houses, weren't even looking to buy a house at the time they bought, yet they did.

What makes a property "hard to sell" is due to the small number of people who would be interested in it's specific features

 For example: a historical property would only interest a small number of people. 

Target Marketing eliminates that problem and allows me to find that unique audience that would love your specific property.

Areas Of Expertise:

  • Waterfront Properties
  • ​Golf Communities/Country Clubs
  • ​Exquisite Homes & Estates
  • ​Custom Houses

Greg Luther Explains How David Reecher Will Sell Your Luxury Home For Top Dollar!

Greg Luther is a National real estate coach, Trainer, and author of the best selling book, "Sell Your Luxury Property For More Money."
Greg Is Also The Founder of Premier Luxury Marketing Consultants

Our Mission

It pains me to see a luxury homeowner put in a position where they have to sell their luxury house for less than it is truly worth, simply because the sales and marketing process was handled poorly from the very start; e.g., very little was done beyond listing the house on the MLS. Using the MLS as your main method to sell a luxury house is a horrible way to sell it. The universe of people “actively searching on the MLS” for a luxury home is considerably smaller than the amount of luxury homes on the market at any given time. So relying on the MLS as your main selling tool is putting luck in charge of doing your selling.

If you want to sell your luxury home quickly and for full market value, you must create demand by increasing the universe of potential buyers, and this is done through target marketing to the most opportune buyers for your property.

Never Rely On Chance To Sell Your House

Rely On An Expert In Target Marketing

"Since September 2005, I have enjoyed working with you selling luxury homes. Over the past 39 years, with 16,000 closed properties, I can honestly say 'you are absolutely the hardest working professional Realtor I have ever worked with.' Your knack for targeting buyers for the Luxury Home Market is unique and successful. I would encourage all potential sellers to seriously consider giving you their listing. For sellers looking for tremendous interest, from qualified buyers, you are the answer."
~Jim Gall, Founder of "Auction Company of America"

"The first agent we interviewed was David Reecher. We then interviewed other agents so we could compare the difference between them all. The difference between David and the other agents was very clear, he was all about using target marketing to create demand for our house, and we felt this approach was exactly what we needed in order to sell quickly and for the highest price, as we had a very unique property to sell. So we hired David 
At the beginning of the process, we had other agents telling us the value of our house was $125,000 LESS than David Reecher actually sold our house for. David believed it was worth more and he was right. He created a lot of interest for our house, we received multiple offers and we went under contract after being listed for only 20 days
David put us into his dream home finder program. Now came the scary part. Our house was under contract and we needed to find a new house to buy or move to, and we only wanted to buy in one specific neighborhood in Davidsonville, a neighborhood where very few houses ever sell. We weren’t going to settle for any other location, even if that meant we would have to rent for a while. David, on his own initiative, mailed to our desired neighborhood (on our behalf) multiple times over the next two months, and this sparked interest from people who were just beginning to think about selling in the near future. We have now purchased our new home in our neighborhood of choice and we couldn’t be happier. In addition to his ability to use target marketing, David was a huge help during the negotiations for our new home, as we had a few challenges to overcome. We feel David always had our best interest at heart and made sure we were protected every step of the way. We highly recommend David Reecher for any real estate transaction you may ever have!"
~Ken & Barbara S.

"After being on the market for almost a year with a conventional broker and agent, we knew there had to be a better way. From start to finish, David sold our 5 acre luxury estate in less than 60 days for the price I had hoped for. I would never consider buying or selling a luxury home without first calling David Reecher."
~Clay W
"The very first time I met David Reecher for a showing, I realized that there was something different about him. His questions and comments revealed considerable interest to our particular needs and wants. More importantly, he listened very closely to my story of where my husband and myself were in our lives and related to what we were going through on a personal level making me feel comfortable and hopeful that he could help us. When the house hunting process seemed daunting at times, David was the eternal optimist and reassured us everything would work out. Needless to say, he was right. The entire experience and the final purchase exceeded our expectations from his market analysis and the home inspection and contract negotiations. He could not have worked any harder, been more diligent, in finding the perfect home for us. David was outstanding in terms of his knowledge base of the area, construction, communication and the ability to make it happen! He was patient, trustworthy and his attention to detail was remarkable. He treated us like we were his only clients always looked out for our best interests. I highly recommend this agent and friend to take care of your real estate transactions. He will work hard to earn your business. He is the best! I am proud that he is to this day a very good friend and my forever real estate agent. You will not regret having David work FOR you."
~Billie Jo B
"I've known David Reecher for about 3 years, he was my only choice for services as a realtor. As a first time homebuyer, I can honestly say working with him to purchase our first home was one of the best decisions I've ever made. His attention to detail and customer service was second to none. He kept me informed every step of the way and stayed in constant communication so we were all on the same page. He has an immaculate understanding of the industry trends and the local area. My fiancé and I could not be happier with the work that David did. At times he went above and beyond, and constantly was the calming voice for me when I felt overwhelmed with the process."
~Richard B
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