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If your looking to buy or sell a house, then
understanding your local market conditions should be your #1 Priority.

Market Conditions: Anne Arundel County Residential Real Estate

SALES REPORT: February 2019 to February 2020

The purpose of showing you these sales reports is to illustrate that AA County has two very different types of market conditions, depending on the price point of the house being sold.

The first chart is ONLY home sales below $500,000: It shows the number of houses for sale vs. how many houses actually sold, month by month.

  • ​If priced below $500,000, active inventory is 2 to 3 times greater than the monthly sales rate.
  • This does not mean all houses priced below $500,000 actually sell within 2 to 3 months.
  • Because the market is dynamic, new listings are coming available every day.
  • ​Those properties that are priced right and show the best will sell within 2-3 months.
  • ​And when the right marketing strategy is deployed to the best audience for that particular property, that property will sell faster and for the highest possible price.   

This 2nd chart is ONLY home sales above $500,000: It shows the number of houses for sale vs. how many houses actually sold, month by month.  

  • ​If priced above $500,000, active inventory is 4 to 9 times greater than the monthly sales rate, depending on the month.
  • This does not mean all houses priced above $500,000 actually sell within 4 to 9 months.
  • ​​Because the market is dynamic, new listings are coming available every day.
  • ​The higher the price, the uglier it gets. If the house is priced above $1 million, the active inventory is 6 to 14 times greater than the monthly sales rate, depending on the month.
  • ​A skilled target marketing approach including off-market buyers is crucial if you want any chance of getting paid full value for your property. 

From the home sales shown above, where do the majority of buyers come from?

The MLS, along with real estate sites such as Zillow, Realtor.com, Trulia and the like, only target those people who are actively looking to buy a house now. These potential buyers have raised their hand and are now identified by these sites as people who are actively looking to buy a house, but as the sales data shows, there are simply not enough of these active buyers compared to all the houses for sale, particularly in the price ranges above $500,000.

Yet, the marketing approaches 99% of all real estate agents use to find a buyer only reach out to those active buyers already looking to buy. And with more houses on the market than "active buyers", many sellers will not be happy with their end result. 

Now that you know the local market conditions, you can use it to
your advantage, whether you're buying or selling a house! 

If You're Looking To Sell: 

Don't just rely on those active buyers, especially if you are priced above $500,000! You can do a lot more to create demand for your house! 

If Your Looking To Buy 

Avoid competing with other buyers, particularly at prices below $500,000. And lock in your new home purchase first, before you start selling yours.  

More properties than you can ever imagine, are sold to people who were not in the market to buy a house at the time they bought a house - yet they still did!

David Reecher is right! We bought one of the homes he listed in 2019. We were not on the market to buy ‘at that moment,’ but saw the home & in 2 days we were serious & in less than 30 days had the keys to the house. We love our new home. Great job David & Happy Holidays to you!!”  ~Nick N. Davidsonville, MD

Avoid the low inventory levels and fierce competition of Anne Arundel County's buyer market

"We only wanted to buy in one specific neighborhood in Davidsonville, a neighborhood where very few houses ever get sold. We weren’t going to settle for any other location, even if that meant we would have to rent for a while. David, through his marketing efforts, sparked interest from people who were just beginning to think about selling their home. AND IT WORKED! We have now purchased our new home in our neighborhood of choice, and we couldn’t be happier”  
~Ken & Barbara S.


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