Here’s the Best RENT TO OWN Opportunity on the Planet!

I’m NOT Exaggerating Even The Slightest!

Wouldn’t it make sense to live in a home before you commit to buying it?

Here’s how it works

1). You choose the location / area you  want to live.
2). You choose the house you want to RENT TO OWN. And you choose from the 100's of houses currently for sale in Maryland! 
3). You then rent for up to 5 years, and you can buy the house at any time for a pre-set price, which you agree to in advance. You lock in your future purchase price now, long before you buy it.
4). You pay NO MONEY towards the right to buy (called an option consideration) – there is NO upfront payment!
5). You lease the house in one-year increments at normal, competitive market rent, for up to five years.
6). If you decide NOT to buy the house, you DO NOT PAY A PENALTY for changing your mind - it’s treated just like a normal lease.
7). Your only commitment is agreeing to a 1 year lease!
8). This program is endorsed by Coldwell Banker Realty, the largest real estate broker in the world.   

How To Determine If This RENT TO OWN Opportunity is Right For You!

A). If you aren’t ready to buy today, but want to lock in your future dream home with NO RISK, then you should learn more! 
B). If you believe home prices will continue to rise and you don't want to lose out on the increased equity, you should learn more!
C). If you believe home prices may decline due to all the uncertainty we are facing today, but are afraid to miss out if prices continue to climb in value. Then here is your RISK-FREE WAY to have your cake and eat it too.
D). If you are already renting – why not use the same rent money to rent a house you would like to buy in the future, while gaining future appreciation, but with NO RISK! Rental amounts are based on normal market rent prices for that particular area.    
E). If you are moving to Maryland and do not want to commit to buying a house until you have lived in the area for awhile! This program allows you to choose a home & area you think will be the right choice for the future. However, your only commitment is a 1 year lease. So if you decide to move to a different area in the future, you aren't obligated to stay beyond the 1 year. 

I’ve partnered with a large company that buys residential properties all over the nation. This is why they don’t penalize you if you decide NOT to buy. Owning, renting and selling houses is the business they are in, so they make it super easy for you! You can buy the house if you want, but you are not obligated to buy.

More than 1000 houses in the DC & Baltimore metro areas currently qualify for this RENT TO OWN opportunity. These are houses currently for sale - listed in active status. All you have to do is find the home you want to RENT TO OWN. And I will help you with that process, showing you properties until you find the right one. And once you do, the house will be purchased and you will then rent it at the market rent rate. Once you are ready to buy it in 1 to 5 years, you will pay the exact price you already agreed to pay – not a penny more. REMEMBER, your only commitment is a 1 year lease! You will not be obligated to buy! There is no penalty for changing your mind!

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