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These Uncertain Times Bring Great Opportunity For Those Who Look For It!
By Rapid Results Team / Real Estate / March 18th, 2020
I’m certainly not downplaying the Coronavirus. It is serious and proper precautions need to be taken to protect you, your loved ones and the spreading of the virus, but then what?

Once you have done everything that you possibly can do (like social distancing, increasing the strength of your immune system with supplements & getting extra rest) what next?


Just look at the facts from China. They were the first country to have to deal with the Coronavirus, and they now have it well under control. At the time of this writing, China had a total of 80,894 confirmed cases of the virus and 69,614 of these patients have fully recovered. 3,237 people died, leaving 8,043 active cases (2,622 in serious condition & 5,421 in mild condition). And the number of new daily cases in China is now very small, with most new cases being travelers entering China from abroad, so they are now making all travelers entering their country be quarantined for 14 days.

And it will soon be under control in the U.S. too!

The window of opportunity never stays open for long.

Mortgage interest rates are so low, who can afford to rent?

It’s true! The principle & interest payment on a 30 year mortgage is now significantly less, at today’s insanely low interest rates, than it is to rent a house of similar value. No one can see the future, but it is highly unlikely that mortgage rates will remain this low once the Coronavirus is under control and the markets rebound.

And there are plenty of people who have realized this is a GREAT buying opportunity and who are preparing to buy a house now!

If you would like to take advantage of this great opportunity, reach out to us at 443-623-2565 to learn how we can help you. And, we will use all safety precautions available to us, so you can visit houses for sale with little risk of exposure.

We Are Doing Our Part, We Are Here To Help You!

Highly respected source for following the Coronavirus in China, and other countries can be found here

The information is in real time!

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