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When Is It Time To Downsize?
By Rapid Results Team / Real Estate / November 20, 2019

As our kids start to get older we often have ideas of being empty nesters and finally spending some time on “us” or getting to know ourselves again. This generally happens as the kids are going off to college or otherwise launching into the world on their own.

When a home goes from the hustle and bustle of kids running around and friends coming in and out to the silence of everyone off on their own, it becomes time to look at downsizing to a property that better fits your needs.

It’s also a great way to eliminate the chances of the kids trying to move back in after college! Sometimes I’ve had clients that want to move to a smaller home, something with a more impressive bedroom and bath and sometimes even a condo which would allow them to leave town for extended periods of time without worrying about exterior maintenance or yard work.

In certain cases, they are looking for a bit more mature neighborhood and they enjoy the active areas, where there’s always something to do with new friends you’ll have for the rest of their lives.

Keep in mind there are lots of really nice homes that may be a bit smaller (for heating and cooling purposes) but they are designed better for maximum usage by a couple or even a single individual. This can be a smaller property, but have a larger living room, bedroom and bath as opposed to the big “family style” houses that we own when raising a family.

Surprisingly, I’ve found that a lot of people don’t really think about these things a year or two in advance so that they can try to time their housing change with the market fluctuations.

I love helping my clients regardless if they are moving up, moving down or even if they have to move out of town. It’s important to try to time the market, stage the home properly and make sure that you get a great deal on the perfect home when you make a move. Now may be the time to think about 2 years, 3 years or even 5 years down the road. Do you think you’d move up in home size? Down in home size? To a condo? To a one-story home? Out of town?

If you’d like to discuss some options, feel free to reach out!

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